We are HUMANS – We Survive! Three human traits that we as organizations can abide by to overcome challenges

Three human traits that we as organizations can abide by to overcome challenges

There is a reason, we humans are on top of the food chain. Intelligence aside, we have multiple ‘traits’ that push us to move past all adversities. In simple words, these traits are like the manual gear shift of a car – steeper climbs can be achieved by subconsciously manipulating the gear shift!

Our brain is wired in such a way that even with minimal efforts, our inherent traits tend to kick in to help us deal with situations – whether good or bad!

The Year 2020 – The world, as we know it, was subdued by a ‘microscopic virus’! Everything came to a standstill. Confusion, combined with the fear of the unknown, mellowed down the entire human race; a race, which fights & conquers the wild, ended up being confined within the four walls of their homes.

Everything changed – overnight!

Here are three human traits that we as organizations can abide by to overcome challenges and swiftly navigate a better and more secure future!

Human Trait # 1 – ADAPTABILITYIn the past, many a time, humans have faced the wrath of nature and been thrown into pits of a pandemic. Whether it was ‘The Black Death’ (1346 – 1353), ‘The Cholera Pandemic’ (1852-1860), ‘The Flu Pandemic’ (1918), or ‘The HIV/AIDS Pandemic’ (2005-2012), each time we managed to surface back. The Year 2020 was the reign of the NOVEL CORONA VIRUS, which tried to push us back into a corner. It might have taken some time to comprehend the situation and work towards the best feasible options available; ultimately, we learned to adapt to the changing dynamics and thrived by coining the situation as the NEW NORMAL.

However, a ‘change’ of this magnitude hits with adverse effect first and fills the human psyche with bleakness. It is the survival instincts of us humans, that later adapts to penetrate with positivity. The initial set up of the new normal of remote working prompted frustration, helplessness, and depression. What was first seen as a state of confusion, transformed into a state of opportunity for many. Whether it was spending time with their families/ loved ones or discovering newer hidden talents or pursue long lost ones.

This trait to adapt to any condition can help organizations grip the situation and find a new life.

Human Trait # 2 NOVELTY SEEKING – Humans cannot palate too much of the same thing. The initial positivity and acceptance of ‘Change’ inadvertently lead to boredom – because, by now, we were getting too comfortable with ‘The NEW Normal’. We have had our fun, enjoyed being indoors, and have had our fill of the WFH (work from home) situation. The New Year started with all of humanity praying for the ‘OLD Normal’ to come and grace our lives – once again!

It is time to add our “Life in Outer Environment” element back into our lives. To add to that, various nations across the globe are diligently working on creating a vaccine and are being provided to the public in segments, which is ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’!

On the professional front, Organisations across the globe started pilots with minimal staffing. Even with the savings on infrastructure and other overheads, everyone seemed to agree that productivity and performance management required a ‘supervised office environment’. The initial pilots were a success, which strengthened some of the organizations’ resolve to try and get 100% of their staff back to work.

That is when ‘the realization’ of what was about to happen hit us!

Human Trait # 3 OPTIMISM: More often than not, we humans, when left in a certain situation for a long time, learn to live with it! Getting accustomed to any situation is another inherent human trait!

Off late, we were desperately trying to get rid of the ‘NEW Normal’ and get back to the ‘OLD Normal’. A hint of skepticism is reflected when we think of returning to our former lifestyle – it does not merely give us the license to shop, visit friends, and vacation; It also includes the responsibility of returning to our working routine; of being physically present at our office premises for our weekly shift – 5 out of 7 days.

But guess that is the ‘Human Psyche’, again – we are just afraid of accepting another ‘Change.’ We are subconsciously optimistic about accepting the transition back to the “Old Normal,” similar to the way we accepted the “New Normal” for an entire year.

Once the ‘Office routine’ starts, it will only be a matter of time before we get into the ‘Acceptance phase’. Positivity will overthrow the initial Negativity, and everything will be hunky-dory – till it is time for another ‘Change’!

So, all we have to do now is, keep an open mind and remember to make the most of what the current scenario presents us with!

After all, We are HUMANS – We SURVIVE!

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