Upscaling the Advanced HR


Time is unstoppable; its the employers call to progress with time or be left behind. It is always advisable to move with the current pervasive situation. Every problem brings us an opportunity to re-learn and implement unique strategies for the HR function and organization as a whole 

Human Resources (HR) responsibility is to frontline any business growth and operational productivity, making it a priority function to upscale in any organization. Covid-19 could be considered the best nudge for HR to upscale their already advanced HR function 

Challenges so far! 

Even organizations having automated HR processes found their HR function piled-up with issues arising from the pandemic. The year 2020 was troubling for employers, especially those who had no margin to add the work from home scenario into the company framework. To top that off, they had partial or no automation of their HR function. The rigid functional structure would not take you further in a crisis, such as this pandemic challenged everyone who is anyone to upscale even their advance strategy 

Solution ISimple 

The PWC survey for HR Tech Advancement 2020 states that 58% of the top MNCs believe using AI, automation, or HR digitalization is the best resource to find, attract and retain talent, and 42 % of them vouch for HR technology to improve employee engagement. Overall, the rest depends upon the findings from deep HR insights.  

It is no longer sufficient to automate your HR processes, but it is time for today’s organizations to move a notch up and up-scale their HR function to build an advanced workplace of tomorrow  

Upscale HR Digitalization and Automation 

It is no brand-new information that employers who are still running after conventional HR practices are setting up for failures. Automation & digitalization is the only solution, and your HR must be well equipped in it.  

While many employers have automated their HR processes, these systems do not work in tandem, making the entire process and investment pointless. Upscaling your HR digitization journey does not limit merely automating your HR processes but lies in making these systems work in absolute tandem to reap the benefits of your digitization investments.  

Furthermore, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in your HR processes can move you ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds. For example, AI to be upraised for virtual hiring process instead of conventional psychometric analysis, such as many employers introducing mandatory case study analysis and video resume in the initial hiring process in place of resume shortlisting and calling for in-office interviews A working example is seen from MNCs such as Bloomberg and IHS market who have introduced pymetric test as a first-level test that each candidate needs to submit and their resume for the open position. Such test reads candidates personalities and automatically matches that open position in the company that best fits them. 

Upscale Employee Experience 

Your user adoption success rate is a direct indication of how ‘user-friendly’ your HR systems are. Employees feel more empowered when provided with an apt HR platform to find solutions to their problems in no time. The answer to an increased user-adoption lies in the simplicity of the product. Investing in an HR system with seemingly advanced features but a poor user-interface is like digging your own grave.   

Additionally, HR is constantly dealing with your employees and their sentiments; there is no replacement for humanization in any given HR process. A superior employee experience is only enhanced when you have welllaid HR processes backed by a robust HR technology solution 

Super Employee Experience = People + Process + Technology 

Companies could aim to go the extra mile with the refurbished HR practices, which target more advanced actions towards a more enhanced employee experience. After-work-socializing could be replaced with virtual happy meetings organized just to let your employee speak their heart out and reduce their mental distance with their peers in the social distancing economy. Another gesture towards employee betterment could be sending meal baskets as replacement for in-office potluck lunches that employees would have enjoyed had they been on office premises. Or introducing a wellness tracker to monitor your employees’ mental and physical well-being constantly.   

The key to successful employee experience is when an employee assures 100% trust in their organization, HR, and peers. This feeling is implanted within them when employers renew camaraderie for employees. This is made possible when an organization provides a platform to its employees to constantly be in touch with their peers, connect with new colleagues worldwide, and get up-to-date information from their HR without any location or time-zone barriers.   

Upscale HR Insights 

Upscale in HR insight points to advancement in a leaders mind-set about setting priority. Previously HR insights were used to track no. of people hired against no. of vacant positions in a firm, but in the current scenario, employers need to find answers to more complicated issues raised when an employer is not physically meeting up with the employee. Now employer needs to dig deep into its collected data and find answers for questions such as How willing are the employees to change?How much motivated are employees towards their work? Mining data and making an HRrelated decision through employees and peers feedback form is a digital equivalent to employee grievance redressal and performance management system. Employers could help from various data and mining tools to track errors and gaps between employee input and the overall companys output. 

In a conclusive sense, long before the covid-19 scenario, few employers could already be seen advancing their HR functionalities, but the pandemic situation did not leave a scope for the rest of the employers to knuckle under. Adapting to the change is the NEW-NORMAL!  

In complicated times looks for a simple yet sophisticated HR solution with us. To schedule a meeting or a demo, CLICK HERE or simply write to mary.jane@neeyamoworks. 

Happy Upscaling! 

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