Unbundling HR: An à la carte approach to HR transformation

Unbundling HR #WithNeeyamo

Co-Authored by Praveen Visal & Stephanie Fernando

What makes a customer’s taste buds choose a coffee from the likes of Starbucks over a regular one? While both sell coffee, Starbucks lets you pick what goes into your coffee from a wide range of ingredients starting from the kind of milk, to the number of expresso shots, to the flavors, to the toppings that customize your drink ‘just for you’.

In today’s business, organizations lean towards providers who create tailor-made solutions that fit their business need. A one-glove-fits-all model, across any business stream, is a thing of the past – and HR technology is no exception.

Every organization has its own business need, and its intent to devise a solution to address this need often results in transforming its existing ecosystem.  Therefore every organization, depending on their business need, will forge their own transformation journey. An HR solution that solves the requirements of one organization might not work for another. An off-the-shelf solution might no longer address the needs of the HR department.

You walk into a Starbucks store knowing what kind of coffee you want; say you want a double shot espresso with one shot milk and caramel topped with whipped cream. You know you can pick and choose the ingredients that go inside your coffee to satisfy your coffee needs. Likewise, with an à la carte approach towards HR services, you can pick and choose platforms that would support your unique HR digital transformation journey. This would let you take advantage of the best-in-class platforms that meet the specific HR needs of your organization using additional point-solutions.

A seamless experience for employees across geographies:

Multinational organizations with employees dispersed across a series of long-tail countries, often struggle to provide a uniform employee experience. In the pretext of ensuring compliance with local HR laws and picking a solution to suit the needs of a specific geography, the organizations inevitably end up managing a spaghetti of providers and technologies.

Organizations need to be aware that, there are several new-age HR solutions that allow them to streamline their technology footprint, irrespective of the countries that they are present in or choose to expand to. Solutions as offered through Neeyamo-SAP BPO partnership program, not only help provide a uniform experience across an organization’s big-head countries but also to its long-tail region. In addition to technology, this program allows organizations to outsource the management of HR processes for their employees across the geo-spectrum. Organizations can work with providers to identify process & technology gaps and opt for a custom-made solution that acts as a fit for their HR organization.

A truly integrated solution experience

Point-solutions implemented to address single processes are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The emergence of cloud infrastructure has created a gateway for several product providers to seek strategic alliances with partner organizations. The main intent of these providers is to expand their scope of technology offerings. An integral part of any solution partnership is product integration, which allows end-customers to have a seamless experience. Providers are pushing the envelope to fill all possible process & technology gaps by identifying partners who complement their service/technology offering.

However, a partnership created without a robust understanding of product synergies or choosing to operate as stand-alone solutions, despite having opportunities for technology integration will face stiff competition from those partners having an integrated tech suite. An integrated solution results in seamless data-flow, increased accuracy, comprehensive reporting and fills gaps that could have been existent from the solutions operating as stand-alone.

Neeyamo, through its global BPO partnership with SAP, helps global organizations configure unique custom HR solution packages. Organizations could customize a solution package involving modules from SAP SuccessFactors and the Neeyamo HR solution suite (technology + HR Services) at a nominal cost. With this approach, Neeyamo and SuccessFactors will together deliver the best of HR technology and services as a customized solution that satisfies the personalized need of an organization through a single solution suite.

Interested to learn more about what this à la carte approach will offer? Watch our webinar-on-demand on ‘Unbundling HR: An à la carte approach to HR transformation’ where industry experts from SAP & Neeyamo, discuss the à la carte approach in detail and illustrate the benefits that organizations stand to gain, through a custom-made solution crafted for organization-specific requirements.

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