Trick-or-treat? Are your HR tools a mischievous trick or an enchanting treat for your employees?

Trick-or-treat? Are your HR tools a mischievous trick or an enchanting treat for your employees?

Halloween is just around the corner, and so are the spooky ghost costumes, masqueraded intruders, scream queens, or the panic causing pranksters at our office or this year – mostly at home! While everyone across the globe is busy carving pumpkins and decorating their houses with creepy-crawly artificial spiders and images of ghosts, there are still skeletons in our workplace scaring us year after year!

One among which is – HR Technology; the devil of them all! The question to ask yourself as an HR leader/ manager or personnel is – is my HR technology a trick or a treat?

Today’s workforce that majorly consists of Gen-Z and tech-savvy Gen-X and Y get excited by the ring of technology! Treat your employees with easy-to-use software that can answer their queries in no-time; you will find the user adoption skyrocketing! On the flip side, if the HR tools you have deployed are tricky and challenging to operate, you will find your employees turn every single day into a Halloween night, screaming and booing your HR processes!

In today’s spooky business environment, the HR platforms serve as the very foundation of building strong HR pillars for a profitable and culturally sound organization.

We present this Halloween to you with four powerful portions to dispel the cast of black magic hovering over your HR function and turning the tricks into treats for your employees!

FULL MOON, umm we mean full time “TIME” tracking solution – Whether in office or remote, accurate tracking of employee’s work hours is crucial for an employee as it is for the organization. Employees today need a system that can help them track their hours with a single click of a button. Segregating work hours based on meetings, client visits, virtual calls, and break hours not only gives your employee and organization clarity but also helps keep your employees motivated. Finding a tool that tracks employee productivity and performance to meet your business objective is the biggest treat of them all!

A MONSTROUS magical charm of an absence solution – There is nothing scarier than running against a delivery deadline and not have you are the right personnel to complete the task due to lack of visibility into the team’s absence schedule. The right absence management solution automates your absence management process by providing a simpler way for employees to apply for leave and gives the manager visibility into the team’s and peers’ absence schedules to ensure optimal staffing across all workgroups. Furthermore, aligning your company’s absence policies with that of country-specific rules and regulations and providing standardized and set absenteeism policies for your global workforce.

Handling EVIL evolving employee records accurately – With the growing organization grows a need for a skilled workforce and increasing need to manage employee records in the right order. With complicated retention policies/ schedules and looming possibilities of an audit, the task of maintaining these employee records doubles. Having a robust Employee Record Management (ERM) system helps your HR personnel stay away from the haunted task of manually managing the employee records and maintaining the records as per the required retention policies seamlessly and efficiently. Wait no more and treat yourself with the magical power of an ERM solution.

An ERRIE enchanting power of a robust HR helpdesk tool – One of the most frightening tasks for any HR personnel is addressing a vast quantity of HR issues without compromising the quality of experience. Organizations worldwide need an HR helpdesk solution that can provide a resolution even before it is raised. Be it queries regarding time calculation, leave balance, or related to pay! Imagine having a system that leverages predictive typing and hashtags/ keywords to identify the issue and providing the employee with a resolution; even more, he/she completes the sentence! Wouldn’t that be the biggest treat to both your employees and HR? Sigh…. what a mesmerizing magical world!

So, don’t let the experiences of the past haunt your present and the future! Create a world of enchanting HR solutions that transform your users’ worst nightmare into wanderlust of next-gen futuristic HR tools.

This Halloween, turn your mischief makers into path breakers. Treat your employees with NeeyamoWorks treats! Contact our tech wizard – Mary Jane, at today!

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween! 😊

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