This Thanksgiving, what every organization should be thankful for!

This Thanksgiving, what every organization should be thankful for

Thanksgiving is known and celebrated as the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors. This year, just like how we acknowledged and accoladed the work of thousands of selfless frontline medical staff and workers fighting the pandemic, there are another set of warriors that every organization needs to be thankful for – every organizations’ HeRoes (Human Resources)! These HeRoes deserve to be applauded for their countless hours of work to ensure their employees’ safety and well-being while ensuring business continuity (to the best possible extend).

And what better way to show them your support and gratitude than fulfilling their biggest wish of digitizing HR processes. Now more than ever – is the time your organization realized the dire need for digitized HR solutions to ease HR’s burden and ensure that the show goes on – irrespective of a pandemic or not or whether from home or remote!

The concept of digitizing HR processes and communications between stakeholders such as employees, managers, HR departments, and other administrative heads dawned nearly 20 years ago. These were referred to as self-service for the employee and managers (ESS & MSS).  An employee could apply for a leave of absence, and the application could be authorized online by the supervisor. The digital process prevented paper records and sluggish turnaround, apart from perpetuating an employee life event in a perpetual database.

The solutions delivered at that time, however, lacked scalability, user appeal, amongst other problems. Solution providers have sought to fix this problem over the years, offering configurability, efficiency in processing, statutory localization, etc.

Despite the assembly of pre-packaged use cases through the cloud, which delivered excellent process efficiency, global access, and user-friendliness, a few more virtues remain underserved. The chief among them is integration. The other problems include recognizing that self-services and mobility have not obviated the need for consultation with HR.

Integration is a tricky part of the overall challenge. Integration must be committed with multiple ancillary systems, sometimes concomitantly or otherwise with periodicity. HR systems are integrated with strategic & analytical systems, often requiring spot connections or continuous information. Timesheet data may have to be published at least once a month for the payroll process.

Self-service can help an employee record his leave of absence. Managers may approve these applications. Pay-slips can be displayed securely to employees. The employee has a question on the pay-slip deductions (say), and the utility of the self-service screen ends. While self-service comes with most HR applications, customers are forced to go to one more third party for providing employees with the means to ‘chat.’ This refers to chat on their queries, especially when their questions require analysis and multiple references.

This Thanksgiving, free your employees from the misery of manual transactions, excel sheets, and piles of paperwork. Empower them with easy-to-use and flexible HR solutions that they deserve to show them you care and are forever thankful for their otherwise thankless job!

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Here is wishing you a happy and safe Thanksgiving 2020!

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