Plan your leaves with Neeyamo Absence

Plan your projects and delivery deadlines by gaining visibility into team’s and peer’s absence schedules to ensure optimal staffing across all work groups.

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Absence from work can never again be uninformed

Solution Overview

Employee Absence has always been associated with lost revenue. Ability to track, predict and report out absences has a direct impact on organizational cost-saving capability. Neeyamo Absence technology is a one-stop shop to solve for all absence management requirements and pain points across organizations. With new age and innovative approaches to absence management, Neeyamo technology addresses all tracking, workflow, notifications and reporting & analytics needs of today’s workforce. With a core focus on making our solutions user-friendly, Neeyamo Absence solution allows on the go access and insightful dynamic dashboards that enable organizations to drive high user adoption and in turn a healthy ROI.

Universal features

The Neeyamo Solution suite is a blend of cutting-edge technology, rich functionality and knowledge of our customer’s pulse.

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One-stop solution for your global payroll and EOR needs

With our enterprise global payroll stack, you have a natively integrated, comprehensive, and compliant foundation for a global workforce. Our product suite is engineered toward providing a vertically and horizontally integrated ecosystem to address all your global payroll and EOR needs.

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