Neeyamo joins Velocity Network Foundation to fuel its Blockchain-enabled Internet of Careers® initiative

California, USA - January 19, 2021

Neeyamo, a market leader in offering platform-based global HRO services to multinational organizations, is delighted to announce that it has joined hands with Velocity Network Foundation, a cooperative, non-profit organization, to build a globally accessible, reliable Internet of Careers®. Through this partnership, Neeyamo would help drive Velocity Network Foundation’s mission to leverage blockchain technology to develop a global career credentials platform.

Talent acquisition demands organizations to verify several credentials, including employment history and educational qualifications. Despite the global background screening industry witnessing the advent of modern technologies, organizations are wrestling with exchanging and verifying data.

Velocity Network Foundation aims to transform the way career records are shared globally and promote the adoption of a trusted network for verified career credentials. This ingenious concept – Internet of Careers® would enable members across HR and Ed-tech, employment marketplaces, background and credential services, and several other organizations to issue, share and verify career credentials, and build an ecosystem of innovative applications.

As a trusted global background screening solution provider, Neeyamo, in collaboration with several other industry leader members, will help accelerate the establishment of Velocity Network Foundation’s blockchain-powered, universal network. Neeyamo sees this as an opportunity to drive blockchain’s adoption across the global HR arena.

Samuel Isaac, Senior Vice President – Strategy at Neeyamo, said, “We strongly believe in Velocity Network Foundation’s strategic vision to establish a token-based career credentialing system. Neeyamo is proud to support this non-profit consortium that strives to build a blockchain-enabled solution to credentialing. We are confident that this network will soon become a reality, significantly transforming the way career records are shared globally. Furthermore, it will help our customers ensure that the right talent is placed in the right roles.”

“Velocity Network is by far the largest endeavor to build an open, ubiquitous Internet of Careers® for the trusted exchange of learning and work credentials, led by the biggest names in the HCM industry,” says Dror Gurevich, CEO of the Velocity Network Foundation. “Like the Internet, Velocity Network is a vendor-neutral, public, distributed utility layer that is governed by the nonprofit Velocity Network Foundation. Thus far, 30 global HCM software powerhouses and service providers have signed up to use Velocity Network as their verifiable career credentials blockchain, representing 30% of the global HCM market. I’m excited to welcome Neeyamo to this group of global trailblazers working together to transform the world of work and build the Internet of Careers®.”

About Neeyamo

Neeyamo, a leading platform-based HRO provider, delivers global HR and payroll services to multinational organizations. With a professional team serving clients across 190+ countries, Neeyamo leverages its unique service-based model and next-generation portfolio of HR products to help enterprises meet market-specific requirements including Global Payroll, Benefits, Workforce Administration, Background Screening, and Employee Helpdesk. To learn more, visit

About Velocity Network Foundation

The Velocity Network Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Velocity Career Labs, a developer of innovative blockchain technology. The Foundation exists to govern the use of the Velocity Network by all involved parties; continuously build the rulebook, a common framework that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction; promote global adoption and support among stakeholders and constituents; guide the development of the decentralized protocols; and support research and development of applications and associated services, fostering a community of open-source developers. To know more, visit

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