Learn how IoHR (Internet of HR) assist revolutionize your business reality

Learn how IoHR (Internet of HR) assist revolutionize your business reality

Globally organizations are pondering how best to leverage the new age technology and wisdom to stay ahead & lead the pack. Staying ahead with technology may be a necessity, but what else is important to your business.

Here is a simple question to help you figure the right answer.  What is your business reality like?  Adopting cloud computing as the main computing platform for conducting day-to-day business, or empowering your workforce with mobile advancement and so on.

Here is a fresh proposition that will help incorporate all of the new age technology and still allow you to experience a business reality that you envisioned, by harnessing the internet of things (IoT). By 2020 it is estimated that there will be around 50+ billion connected devices whereas the world population may be around 7 billion.

Internet of things (IoT) encases the entire world, so let me drill down to narrow the focus.  The IoT is evolving to become the central nervous system, but remember the heart of your business org is your “human resource”. So how can IoT couple with your HR?

It helps to understand what Internet of Things is. IoT is the interconnectivity between things; the medium of connectivity is wireless communication technology identifier to connect to the internet and each objects, locations, or living thing has its own unique, thus allowing for the direct transmission and seamless sharing of data.

IoT is especially interesting as it incorporates independent electronic system using mobile, cloud, microprocessor & real time analytics to help translate

data–>information–> knowledge–> wisdom

Here are few use cases and the impact of IoHR (IoT in HR). It isn’t limited to these few, this is just a start.

Smart training room for Learning

Smart training room that will have smart content, smart delivery, and smart learning infrastructure.

Intelligent chair – that can log attendance of the individual. Talking between chair (pressure), RFID ID to identify individual, integrated attendance system, etc.

Intelligent onboarding

Onboarding of new resource supported by wearable device and self-learning and orientation

Google glasses – with complete onboarding and orientation session

RFID tagged resources for tracking location of the resources required for me to perform my work.

Smarter manpower planning

Workforce Administration – Workforce application on-demand.

Dynamic roster planning based on mapped resource competency, productivity, and availability vs. real-time need

Smart work allocation

Smart work allocation process; dynamic work allocation workflow

Varying work allocation based on “current” productivity and efficiency of resources.

Smart workplace

Infrastructure Workplace that is designed for maximum productivity and responsive to workforce needs

Turning on contextual display devices

Extra sound absorbing mechanism activation during meeting hours; brighter lighting during break timings

Technology is just the middleman and organizations will need to look beyond the tip of the iceberg to see the multitude of opportunities. Technology can help re-engineer out thinking to accommodate large scale remodelling of our requisites envision a new reality and make it in happen in real time. The famous statement work smarter not just harder is found new meaning with this revolution. Envision a smarter HR; help build a better and stable organization.

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