An Illustrative Customer

The Quest

Ronald Smith was appointed as the CHRO of NewCo Inc., a US-headquartered multi-national organization with a global workforce of 18,000 employees based in 21 countries. The company has a legal presence in 16 countries, with employees in five more countries hired over the last couple of years. The company’s flexible work-from-home policies allow them to hire talent from anywhere. Ronald was responsible for the company’s global expansion policy, managing the new normal of remote work, and finding the right solutions to help the company grow.

Early Success

Initially, Ronald handled the company’s global workforce with a cocktail of HR solutions specific to certain processes – especially for local payroll and compliance. For a fraction of the crew, manual processing was also involved. Though this process was adequate, it posed significant challenges as the company expanded and scattered its workforce across borders.

Reality Strikes

Challenges faced by Ronald included,

  • Dependency on multiple HR solution providers across various countries resulted in disparate solutions and fragmented technologies.
  • Lack of a singular solution resulted in multiple points of failure as there wasn’t a single system, global visibility, and centralized control.
  • Rapidly expanding business necessitated the need for an integrated EOR solution.

The Search

Ronald soon realized that the organization needed more than just a diverse pool of HR solutions. There was a need for a consolidated global payroll solution that would also address the company’s EOR needs as they continue to expand their international operations and remote hiring. A compliant, holistic, end-to-end, technology-driven solution with a multi-channel helpdesk would make the company’s growth pipeline a reality.

Enter Neeyamo

After scanning the global landscape, Ronald was pleasantly surprised to see that Neeyamo could address all his needs and more. The company’s single global engine powered by its proprietary payroll technology stack and compliance expertise made it the perfect solution for NewCo. Neeyamo’s enterprise payroll stack came with time, absence, and compliance products for 100+ countries and was the backbone of its EOR solution. Its functionality-rich, configuration-friendly solution helped plug all existing gaps creating a genuinely effective hybrid working model for NewCo.

True Success

Ronald Smith was now a relieved man.

  • Single global engine meant that ICPs and local payroll integrations were no longer a concern.
  • An integral part of the global payroll stack, Neeyamo Payroll™, pre-integrated with the Absence and Time solution, assisted the company with upstream and downstream payroll requirements.
  • Neeyamo’s HR technology suite helped eliminate an assortment of siloed systems, enriching the global workforce’s experience.
  • The single point of contact not only led to success but also reduced integration issues and the potential for failure.

Confidently Ever After

The introduction of Neeyamo presented NewCo with a vertically and horizontally integrated ecosystem that addressed its payroll concerns. The EOR solution was the perfect fit for their global expansion plans and paved the way for Ronald to walk with pride confidently ever after.

-ve scale
+ve scale

Increased control

Lower cost

Improved scalability

Reduced complexity

Enhanced information security

Shorter turnaround