How to leverage your employees in improving your organization’s Time and Attendance management?

How to leverage your employees in improving your organization’s Time and Attendance management?

According to Kessler International’s survey of retail and service industry employees, a whopping 80% of workers admitted to ‘time theft.’

Irrespective of the type of industry, demography, or geography an organization is working in, recording and measuring employee time and productivity are as crucial as paying them accurately and on-time. But well, it is a lot easier than said! Record and measuring employee time and attendance (T&A) and productivity have been giving employers nightmare for centuries now. Commonly occurring issues like employees inflating their working hours are one of the many of the reasons why employers find themselves in a soup.

Employees, as we all know, are critical stakeholders when it comes to managing and improving your organization’s Time and Attendance process. The responsibility of providing accurate data on time lies with the employees. So why not find ways to leverage these vital stakeholders by providing them the right tool and educating them from time to time?

Given below are ways your organization can empower your employees, the users, to contribute to the overall success –

A SINGLE system for T&A and employee productivity – When the COVD19 crisis forced organizations to transition to full-time working-from-home, organizations were in a state of perplex. One of the concerns that HR raised was ineffective tracking of employees’ day-to-day productivity. While a lot of organizations were already using the T&A system, it, however, did not provide details on the employees’ productivity. The activities performed, time taken to perform these activities, etc. The lack of a timesheet forced many organizations to resort to excel sheet tracking leaving employees baffled and tedious task of manually consolidating and tracking of employee productivity for the HR managers. Finding a T&A system with a timesheet functionality will help your organization in the long run and eliminate duplication of efforts and information. Giving your employees a single system to update their productive hours that automatically update T&A can help increase employee satisfaction and provide the HR managers a single tool for better insights and analysis.

Mobile-optimized solution – What really differentiates a right T&A solution from a plethora of T&A tools available in the market lies in its ability to provide a mobile interface that is super-easy and user-friendly. The rise of the gen-Z and gig economy in an organization’s workforce population has increased a need for a solution that enables employees to easily manage and update their productive hours at any time from any place. Giving your employees a mobile-optimized solution is considered as a tool of empowerment. The employees today are more receptive when they find their employers adopting and investing in ways that make their work-life much simpler (whether from office or home).

Building a “timely” culture – We often hear leaders speak about building an environment and culture that boosts employee productivity and morale, but how about creating a culture that promotes and encourages employees to record their productivity accurately? For example, your organization can send out periodic messages both via emails and the organization’s social collaborative platform on the importance of providing timely and accurate T&A inputs. Running surveys to find out the challenges employees are facing while updating their productivity hours may give you some critical insights into the overall process. Leveraging the leaders in your organization in setting examples and closely monitoring employees can help both setting a discipline amongst the employees. Furthermore, having a periodic townhall to address employees and sharing information on any disciplinary action taken against an employee found guilty of manipulating T&A records may also help to cultivate a culture of discipline and ethics.

Your employees are your most significant assets. Take a user-centric approach and investing some time and money in addressing your employees’ concerns and empowering them with the right solution will significantly improve your organizations’ T&A process.

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