Global Payroll – A Christmas Analogy

Global Payroll – A Christmas Analogy

I am Dasher & Prancer – I am Vixen & Comet – I am Cupid & Donner – I am Blitzen & Rudolph

Are you wondering why I am associating myself with SANTA’s Reindeer’s?

Well, let me put this in perspective.

YULETIDE,’ the season we all wait for, right from the beginning of a Calendar year – the season of Joy, the season of gifts, the season of holidays, and the season of spending time with our near ‘n dear ones. This is the season when we let go of the ‘Year that was’ and make new plans and wishes for a New & Beautiful beginning, once again!

Well, that season is just around the corner – CHRISTMAS!!!

With the current Pandemic scenario across the world, every individual is desperately looking for a ‘ray of hope’ in the New Year (2021). The ‘New Normal,’ as many are terming it, is not palatable anymore. We are desperate to welcome back the ‘Old Normal’ and get back to living our lives like we used to.

Like every year, most organizations worldwide have ‘preponed’ their Pay date – because, just like ST. NICOLAS, a.k.a. SANTA CLAUS, all want to ensure that their employees receive their pay, bonuses, and other ‘assorted Benefits’ before Christmas. Just like SANTA, they want to gift their loyal employees the peace of mind, not to have to worry about enjoying their well-deserved CHRISTMAS!

Going back to my opening statement, have you ever given a thought to SANTA’s helpers’ role – namely, his Reindeers?

  • What is their contribution to the scheme of this entire ‘Timely Gift Distribution’ activity?
  • What if the ‘Pack of Reindeers’ miscalculate their speed?
  • What if Dasher (the fastest of the lot) hurt his hoof?
  • What if Prancer decided to take a Leave of absence?
  • What if Vixen decided to resign?
  • What if Comet felt lazy?
  • What if …

Wow! You would think that is a lot of ‘What ifs’!

But guess what, those mentioned above ‘What ifs,’ never happen – SANTA, his elves, and his Reindeers work as a team, like clockwork! They have a task to do, and they know that ‘execution is the key.’ Even if one of them failed to deliver, kids worldwide would be heartbroken, would be devastated!

Similarly, when it comes to Global Payroll, timely wages, and providing you the peace of mind during this holiday season, WE are the REINDEERS – the PAYROLL Organization.

A Payroll team comprises individuals who go through multiple ‘grueling’ interview rounds. Similarly, SANTA would have done a thorough evaluation before selecting each Reindeer (to identify each one’s inherent skills & traits). To make the ‘cut,’ a candidate is thoroughly evaluated on everything from practical communication skills, analytical skills, ability to work under immense pressure, accountability, ability to think ‘out of the box,’ multitasking capabilities (to name a few). Operations Management tries to gauge if he/she has the ‘Never say Die’ attitude. Not everyone makes the ‘cut’!

Only when an individual meets, these ‘high’ standards are they allowed to become a part of the ‘Reindeer Pack’ and enter the world of Global Payroll Operations.

The Payroll business is extremely dynamic – not just because of its complexity, but also because of the impact on the payroll and HR teams if we did not work as a team, did not have the accountability, or did not understand the importance of an employee getting timely wages/pay. Whether it is a monthly Pay cycle or a weekly Pay cycle, a biweekly Pay cycle, or a ‘preponed’ Pay cycle (like for CHRISTMAS), a Payroll Organization always delivers!

Come hail or storm; we work together in sync (just like the Reindeers) to ensure timelines & accuracy numbers are met. We engineer & re-engineer, strategize & re-strategize, clear roadblocks, collaborate with our support functions & vendors, extend our working hours, and automate wherever required – but ensure that you have the right salary, at the right time, with the right components in place.

  • When you are busy shopping with your family, we are fighting all odds to ensure timelines are met
  • When you are setting up your Christmas tree, we are busy validating (and re-validating) your pay registers, payslips & post payroll reports
  • When you are enjoying Christmas carols, we are on phone calls with our partners (vendors & support functions), checking on the accuracy of every pay component
  • When you are enjoying your Christmas Eve dinner with your family, we are in strategy meets to streamline our processes to ensure you have the best experience

And we do this every year, every season – literally, every day!

In a nutshell, that is the Payroll Organisation, Ladies & Gentlemen – the Reindeers whose responsibility is to deliver the ‘gift’ to the right home, the right child, at the right time …

So, like I was saying …

I am Dasher & Prancer – I am Vixen & Comet – I am Cupid & Donner – I am Blitzen & Rudolph

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

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