Extend and enhance your SAP SuccessFactors HXM experience with NeeyamoWorks

Enhance your SAP SuccessFactors HXM Experience (2)

Are you one of those SAP SuccessFactors users looking to enhance your Human Experience Management (HXM) solution further and increase overall user experience? If the answer to your question is yes! You have certainly landed on the right page!

It is no doubt that SAP SuccessFactors is one of the most comprehensive solutions for human capital management available in the market today and with advanced features and functionalities. While SAP SuccessFactors has helped your HR function overcome the initial hiccups, but when it comes to managing HR compliance, time and attendance, leave and absence, or even digitizing HR documents, do you still find yourself in a soup?

With a radically innovative functionality-driven approach to fill in grey spaces in the HR technology space, NeeyamoWorks brings you a suite of HR products that seamlessly integrate with SAP SuccessFactors.

What do you gain out of this integrated solution approach?

Seamless integration with point HR solutions: With a combination of NeeyamoWorks’ well-defined and structured integration layer and data migration approach aids a much tighter and secure integration of the NeeyamoWorks tool with SAP SuccessFactors. The overall process ensures your employee data is accurate and complete by removing all duplicate fields and information and stores them in a single repository.

A rapid implementation: NeeyamoWorks’ fast-track methodology ensure rapid yet smooth implementation of the products.  The entire approach is customizable and customized, keeping in mind your company’s objectives and goals.

A holistic and unified view – Our suite of technology (NeeyamoWorks Time, NeeyamoWorks Absence, NeeyamoWorks Compliance, NeeyamoWorks Docket, amongst others) is designed to bridge the white spaces in your current HR technology landscape. Carefully curated and designed, the solution will work seamlessly with your SAP SuccessFactors to weed out any unnecessary manual intervention and duplication of information/ data and, thus, to provide you a holistic and unified view of all your HR data.

Leverage a transformative powerhouse: Data as well as process integration, allows you to evolve your HR system into a strategic model that lets you take charge of your current and futuristic org-level plans.

Access to scalability and unlimited extensibility: The sky is the limit when two powerful platforms combine! With the potential to scale and extend the solutions that are highly customizable, one doesn’t need to ask for anything else.

And of course, improved user experience: With systems that are so tightly integrated and with a single sign-on functionality, your employees get an exceptional user experience! They now no longer need to login to multiple systems to capture their productive hours or apply for leave or access their information!

All this, and so much more!!

Write to us at mary.jane@neeyamoworks.com to know more!

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