Hosted Events

Working Beyond Borders – Pitstop 1: London

  • Date:March 24, 2022
  • Location:London, United Kingdom

As a result of the pandemic, a new version of cross-border cooperation has evolved. Employers must stay on top of changing payroll regulations and follow them, especially if their operations are global. Working Beyond Borders is an event that will bring together the HR and Payroll community in an informal environment to exchange ideas, discuss current topics, and help set the agenda for addressing important questions.

This event is a component of a much larger event that is happening across many nations on a worldwide scale. It will help you build your professional network and knowledge by being part of the community and interacting with leaders from various industries in HR and Payroll. Our objective is to bring together brilliant thinkers to present thought-provoking discussions about managing a globally distributed workforce. Click here to know in detail the intricacies of this global extravaganza.


1. Welcome note

2. Context setting

3. Whistlestop Tour of the Key Compliance

4. Melanie thanks Kat Upcraft and invites the panelists to the stage

5. The Shifting Parameters of Global Payroll (Live Panel with QnA)

6. Closing note

7. Networking and drinks