Compliance Bytes: Updates for your Global Compliance Team

Compliance Bytes - Updates for your Global Compliance Team

The global regulatory landscape is evolving on an everyday basis, and the need for multinational organizations to achieve data security across every country has become inexorably important. Irrespective of companies operating internationally or locally, data privacy regulations are impacting organizations as we speak.

With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) having taken effect in the European Union for over a year, several other countries are following suit. Here are some of the new laws that are coming into effect.

1. Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD)

Effective date: Early 2020

The Brazilian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) created a new legal framework for the use of personal data in Brazil, both online and offline, in both private and public sectors. It’s important to note that the country already has more than 40 legal norms at the federal level that directly and indirectly deal with the protection of privacy and personal data.

The LGPD will replace and enhance these sectoral frameworks, which were sometimes in conflict with one another.

2. India Personal Data Protection Bill

Effective date: Early 2020

India’s new privacy law has been deemed highly controversial. Experts accuse the draft of many shortcomings and disputable clauses. One of the most significant among them is that the bill allows processing of personal data in the interest of the security of the state, if authorized. Also, it permits the processing of personal data for prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of any offence or any other contravention of law. It poses an enormous threat to the right to privacy, considering the weak safeguards that exist in India against state surveillance.

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