AI-enabled employee service desk chatbots: Myths vs. Reality

AI-enabled employee service desk chatbots: Myths vs. Reality

An Everest Group research states that by 2020, 70% of large enterprises will have virtual service desk chatbots as the primary point of contact for their service desk operations! More and more organizations have been adopting AI-enabled chatbot technology with an aim to improve the employee experience and boost productivity in a cost-effective manner.

Thanks to the advancement in artificial intelligence and digitalization, there is a paradigm shift in the way employees can be kept less frustrated when it comes to addressing their internal queries and problems. How would it feel when your organization has a Siri or an Alexa that can help your employees out? Intriguing, isn’t it? A futuristic AI-powered employee service desk chatbot can do more than that.  

Why your conventional service desk will fail big time

Over the years, employees have been facing problems with time and attendance tracking methodologies that breed resentment and disengagement among them. A classic example may be that of an employee with an endless business travel schedule. Tracking the presence of such an employee becomes a challenge. When the employee raises a ticket through the conventional service desk, the investigation of the ticket and its closure takes quite a long time, testing the employee’s patience.

Another instance where the conventional service desk loses the game is when a native employee with language barriers raises a query. In either case, there is a high chance that employee productivity and engagement will erode.    

The Myths and The Reality

Ever since the term ‘chatbot’ began to draw attention, the myth factory has been in overdrive.  Although many forward-thinking organizations have already adopted AI-enabled chatbots, some are still hesitant to make the shift owing to the following major misconceptions:


  • Chatbots will replace the human workforce.
  • Chatbots do not comprehend the context.
  • Chatbots lack emotions.
  • Adopting chatbots incurs high cost.


The reality, on the other hand, has a different dimension. Chatbots powered with AI work hand in hand with humans by automating the mundane and repetitive tasks that consume productive man-hours. Hence, ‘chatbots supplanting humans’ is never going to happen; rather, they will complement each other.

The chatbot landscape is now entering the third generation of technology evolution. The first and second generation chatbots emphasized on mitigation of human efforts. The third generation AI-fuelled chatbots take a quantum leap by leveraging machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically learn and improve responses based on experience without being explicitly programmed. Furthermore, the NLP takes care of multi-lingual support.

AI-enabled chatbots supported by NLP learn to speak organically as humans do and distinguish emotions. They are also capable of processing the user’s intent and giving contextual personalized responses accordingly.

Strategically leveraging AI as a core accelerant will result in significant cost savings. The AI technology incorporated into service desk chatbots will integrate with the organization’s HRIS. These chatbots can not only handle tickets but also make direct calls to the service desk agents and address queries. Ultimately, they result in reduced response times and hence, reduced business costs.

When coupled with an intuitive AI-enabled service desk solution like NeeyamoWorks ServiceDesk, organizations can transform monotonous functions of ticket handling into a business productivity system that provides value. Eventually, organizations can create an overall positive employee experience.

Chatbots are cert-AI-nly the future!

Gartner, Inc. predicts that 70% of organizations will integrate artificial intelligence to assist employees by 2021. Every technology will have its snags. But as far as AI-enabled systems are concerned, the benefits are manifold. They are built to augment human intelligence and find better solutions. An AI chatbot can amp up the employee service desk service of an organization significantly.

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