About Us


In the beginning

2009 saw the dawn of Neeyamo – a global HR services provider, partnering with multi-national organizations to support their employees’ HR needs from pre-hire to post-retire.


About Us


Fast forward 6 years

After a period of phenomenal achievements, Neeyamo re-pivots itself through the advent of the Long-tail HR solutions strategy. Neeyamo identifies a market segment that is seldom addressed by service providers; the long-tail regions of multi-national organizations, which is often a catastrophic combination of low headcount, broken processes, and Victorian technology. This strategy put Neeyamo on the global map and was pivotal for its overall market success.


Fast forward another 6 years

Neeyamo’s focus on global payroll and EOR paved the way for organizations to consider rapid expansion across new countries of operations. Cutting-edge technology coupled with exemplary services molded Neeyamo’s award-winning touchless payroll solution – Neeyamo Payroll, which forms the core of Neeyamo’s enterprise tech stack suitable for global organizations choosing to integrate and consolidate their global payroll operations.



Find the
Unmet Needs

Neeyamo was born with the intent to discover and address technology and service delivery gaps seen in managing global employees, including servicing under-addressed geographies and under-served markets.

Solve the
Unsolved Problems

Neeyamo’s legacy lies in venturing out to solve pain areas that were seldom addressed by the HR & Payroll service providers. The primarily ignored long-tail market segment posed several challenges that Neeyamo could resolve effectively – across areas of HR Operations, Global Payroll, HR Compliance, and much more.

Do Things

Specific processes in payroll & HR had seen incremental innovation at best; many continued to operate in legacy. Neeyamo was determined to drive exponential innovation leveraging technology – at the scale of 10X instead of 10+.

Core Values

Neeyamo acknowledges that positive values are the foundation for building healthy relationships. Our values guide us along the right path throughout our interactions with employees, clients, vendors, the government, and society. At Neeyamo, fairness is not just a matter of choice but a way of life. We account ourselves to hold the highest ethical standards.

BEING FAIR under all circumstances
RESPECT for Individual


We have a team aligned with a common vision to transform how HR services are delivered and consumed worldwide. The group collectively desires to unlock and provide value to the stakeholders, the leadership, and the organization. The executive leadership team at Neeyamo consists of individuals whose business and interpersonal style has helped build the right foundation and culture for the organization. Overall, the organization is being geared to deliver excellence in HRO by pooling in the best available talent in the industry that is driven by passion and guided by values.

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Global Locations

Neeyamo caters to its global customers through its global delivery centers, regional hubs, and proximity centers covering all geographic regions. This helps us convene local global payroll and EOR requirements and ensure connectivity with customers.

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Awards & Recognitions

Our products have been constantly acknowledged for their high innovation quotient. Here are the accolades that we have received over the years.

Neeyamo Community

Neeyamo uses several forums to share frequent updates and developments. We want to invite all like-minded individuals to join hands to make a difference. To ensure that global payroll and EOR are not just concepts but integral components of an increasingly global workforce. Do you have that calling? Would you want to join the movement? Write to

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