5 Tips on Selecting a HR Technology Platform for Your Organization

5 tips on selecting a new-aged HR Technology Platform for Your Organization

It’s indeed an arduous time to be working for Human Resources. The landscape altered from traditional to technical, with plenty of available tools for streamlining HR operations. It doesn’t stop there. There seem to be new developments with each passing day, such as AI for recruitment and adding a touch of technology to your Holistic HR or a trend that’s beginning to take the sector by storm.

For HR teams attempting to look for the most suitable platform to rise to their demands, getting down to the brass tracks is integral to gain a complete grasp of each platform’s strong and weak points.

As you look for a human resource information system, remember to evaluate your present use cases and workflows while thinking about your long-term needs and entrepreneurial growth.

To help your decision-making process, here are some tips on selecting HRIS for your establishment.

What to look for in an HRIS system –

  • A database to house worker information that is accessible at any geographical point, round-the-clock.
  • Worker access to the database for updating profiles, appraising income scales, modifying retirement benefits, altering payroll deposit data, or saving important employee documents and files.
  • A system that is globally scalable yet is configured to your local requirements to support your organization’s growth and the ever-changing business environment.
  • A system that either has time tracking features or can easily integrate to a time tracking solution that enable staff to clock in by themselves and allow managers to verify and monitor staff working hours.
  • Solutions for instantly approving leave and vacation requests and directly linking absences and tardiness to payroll.
  • Payroll function for convenient downloading and unloading staff working hours as well as distributing cheques or deposits.
  • Tools for the establishment and upkeep of company benefits such as health insurance and retirement investment reductions.
  • Hiring and retention feature to amp employee engagement and fortify employee retention.

How to choose an HRIS vendor

Select software that addresses all your HR needsLinkedIn experts predict HR needs to grow more digital, more agile, and increasingly data literate to contribute greater business value in 2021. A surefire way to accomplish this is acquiring a human resource information system that streamlines all HR processes to guarantee digital transformation throughout your department.

As such, go for a provider offering a suite of solutions that can hold your workforce together regardless of size, diversity, location, or intricacy.

Your software needs to have all the solutions we have listed on our HRIS requirements checklist above in a single easy-to-use platform. It must fuse multiple aspects of your HR processes to accomplish remarkable feats like merging your payroll and finance systems to revamp your travel expense management.

Although these features can work together, they must also be fully functional and able to stand alone through your platform’s staff management system of records.
Bank on revolutionary features The HR landscape is rapidly evolving thanks to new technology and digital transformation and because of these, solely considering the core features on your HRIS requirements checklist is no longer enough to withstand the sector’s constant changes.

You must be on the lookout for groundbreaking and innovative functionalities that change how the game is played. For instance, JD Supra article highlights 2021 HR tech trends addressing a hybrid workforce, enhancing the employee experience, and focusing on post-pandemic recovery. Make sure to include these trends on your HRIS requirements checklist.

Likewise, consider the issues present in the current HR landscape. Spotted some modern-age challenges in managing employee records like compliance and security? Rise above them with functions that are equipped to handle these roadblocks.

Look for providers with a rich resource pool –  You need to maximize your system and figure how it can enhance your business processes. Some vendors offer manuals, video tutorials, and other supplementary material such as blog posts and articles on harnessing their software functionalities.

Other providers go the extra mile and even host and participate in virtual events to impart their clients’ insight. These can be free seminars, participation in expos, or virtual engagements. We have such offerings here at NeeyamoWorks. We could be your one-stop solution for HRIS requirements, offering first-hand assistance up until the very last HR tech implementation transitioning your HRMS, from there being your lifetime support to your core business with our exhaustive resource pool.

Even in the current state of the pandemic, we actively came up with digital avenues to reach our clients and prospects, authenticating how genuine we are in scaling your business and improving your HR processes. We’ve even made episodes of our virtual events available for those who missed these events but want to catch up.

In addition to that, we have a constantly updated blog and a support team that’s always ready to answer even the first inquiries you’ve got at the initial stage of your HR digital transformation journey.

Browse through shortlists and reviews –  One of the best ways to find the human resource information system for you is to go through lists of providers online. You can google “questions to ask about HRIS system,” and you’re well on your way to a roster of available platforms that can improve your HR processes.

Most websites provide a list of their features and their pricing plans so you can determine whether or not the platform also suits your budget. Some have complete software profiles and reviews from users and experts. That said, it’s also good to peruse objective HRIS reviews online, so you can gauge how well the system performs.

(Ready to start looking? There are also sites like FinancesOnline shares some examples of HR software that help you with a list of HR Technology Solution for you to choose from)

Request a demo – Before purchasing your human resource information system, ask your provider for a demo. But don’t just ask for a regular software demo. Your vendor’s agendas may steer standard demonstrations.  To veer away from this, draft a list of specific inquiries regarding your pain points and hand it over to your provider before your scheduled demonstration. This helps you get a more accurate picture of the product you’re purchasing. You also get a clearer idea of how your platform can address the issues you’re facing and how it can improve your HR processes’ overall efficiency.

Fortifying your HR

The main goal of every human resource information system is to help you oversee your workforce’s data effectively. You must be able to utilize your software to manage workflows, boost productivity, and store and gather data.

Now you know how to choose an HRIS vendor, please look at companies offering HRIS suites. Keep in mind these packages are configurable to the particular demands and intricacies of your organization. The more tailored your software is to your venture, the more likely you’ll reap its rewards.

Would you like to know more and get a free consultation? Write to us at mary.jane@neeyamoworks.com, or please click here to schedule a quick meeting. Our subject matter experts will be happy to assist you.

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