4 reasons your ATS and Background Screening Process should be integrated

4 reasons your ATS and Background Screening Process should be integrated

Even if centuries pass by, undoubtedly, time is going to be the most treasured asset. Organizations in a constantly competitive business landscape spend significant time to recruit potential candidates. But is enough time being spent to analyze candidate experience too? How can an organization make sure that candidates do not face a negative experience?

Tedious and particularly long pre-employment background verification processes can lead to organizations losing prospective employees. In order to make new hire onboarding a smooth and breezy process, HR professionals can leverage the right technology to make a material impact. Organizations today have started comprehending the benefits of integrating the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and their background screening processes. The level of convenience and efficiency, both for the recruiter and the applicant, achievable through this integration is quite significant.

Following are the reasons why organizations should integrate their ATS with pre-employee background verification systems.

1. Resume vs. post-hire credential validation

There have been several reported incidences, where recruiters and hiring managers alike, have identified mismatch in credentials shared in applicants’ resume and their onboarding forms. A usual suspect here is an applicant’s potential to falsify previous employment details in the resume. An integrated solution helps negate this risk, as an applicant would fill a single form which would provide required data-points for both the recruitment & HR service delivery (for background screening initiation) teams alike.

2. Revamping accuracy and compliance

Integrations with ATS can result in more accurate background screening processes. As recruitment processes predominantly involve sensitive candidate data, it becomes indispensable to ascertain accuracy and compliance in the entire recruitment process. Sophisticated background screening applications like NeeyamoWorks Screening ensure secure screening practices that account for credibility and accuracy of the information provided. Such solutions exhibit a high ATS-integration friendliness and can produce accurate results with a quick turn-around.

Integration of your ATS and pre-employment background check process will also ensure compliance with FCRA Disclosure and Authorization process, GDPR guidelines, SSAE 18, SOC1 and SOC 2 control.

3. Paving the way for better HR analytics

When an ATS is integrated with a leading employment screening provider, the chances of the recruitment and HR delivery teams making duplicate data entries are eliminated. The integrity of the candidate data also improves, as it is securely transferred to the screening provider. Merging the background screening process with ATS will result in a single dashboard, thereby providing a chance for easier reporting. This will free up time for HR teams to emphasize more on other bottlenecks. The consistency of applicants’ data in your ATS and screening solution aids in more accurate hiring metrics and analytics.

4. Enhanced candidate experience

A typical ATS might not include all the fields as required to initiate the background screening process. This results in candidates entering the same data into two systems, the ATS and the background screening solution (or separate physical forms). Lengthy and redundant recruitment processes result in a negative candidate experience. An integrated system of background screening and ATS will ensure seamless data flow from the ATS to the background check software. Hence, candidates will not have to re-enter information that they had already provided. A fairly positive candidate experience stems from transparent background checks and enhanced security with personally identifiable information (PII) & legal compliance.

Technology never stops making lives easier. With experience being the priority, employment screening integrated with ATS can go a long way in creating satisfied candidates. Such an integration will become a one-stop solution for organizations to improve the quality of hire and pace up the entire hiring cycle.

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