4 key ways how Technology uncomplicates Absence Management

4 key ways how Technology uncomplicates Absence Management

Do you know that about 60% of employers earned a grade of C, D or F at managing employee absence and disability in the workplace, according to The Standard’s Absence and Disability Readiness Index? The study states that the low grades were due to the employers’ approach towards managing employee absence & disability and their self-confidence about their practices.

Absence management is a part of the HR arena that employers should no longer consider as a mere option, but as a golden window of opportunity to retain talent. After the fourth industrial revolution, the global business environment has been seeing technology’s roots spreading across all areas and absence management has not been an exception. Digital absence management driven by cutting edge technology is the key to a plethora of absence-related issues organizations have been facing for decades.

The advantages of implementing an automated absence management solution are multi-fold. Let’s look at 4 ways how technology can uncomplicate leave management and help organizations devise a robust absence management policy.

1. Staying compliant

An SHRM article states that keeping up with federal, state and municipal laws is one of the most burdening challenges in leave management. Absence management solutions help organizations maintain compliance across different geographies regarding country-specific provincial, federal, or state laws. Modern age solutions would alleviate the FMLA and ADA compliance concerns and mitigate the risks of any legal dispute. Utilizing such global absence management solutions will address the local compliance needs of multinational organizations in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

2. Boosting employee experience

With new-age absence management solutions like NeeyamoWorks Absence™, organizations empower their employees to apply leaves on the go. So, a sick employee will no longer be obliged to call the reporting manager or draft an email elaborating on the reason for absence. With an intuitive mobile interface, employees can notify their peers through a few quick clicks! Approval of a leave application raised by an employee is automatically triggered and intimated to the manager as a notification.

Such solutions provide both the employers and the employees a seamless leave request platform that captures absence transactions. They keep a full stop to the need for excessive emails and spreadsheets maintaining absence records. They assist managers in forecasting the requirement for project-wide changes in case of planned absences, hence wiping out manual exertion.

Forward-looking organizations have begun using absence management solutions that are AI-enabled. With such solutions, managers can predict when their subordinates are most probable to render themselves absent, and hence, avoid situations when the number of subordinates present is insufficient.

3. Enabling comprehensive data analysis

Reports generated through absence management solutions can give worthwhile insights and HR master data analytics that would help organizations identify behavioral trends in employee absence. Furthermore, these solutions enable absence management teams to centralize case data, granting them the potentiality to discover issues that might go unnoticed otherwise. With the results gained through derived analytics, organizations can make strategically sound business decisions pertaining to absence management.

4. Improving payroll accuracy

An organization that does not leverage technology for absence management would find keeping track of the time-offs and leaves of all its employees, a daunting task. In such a case, imagine running payroll for such an organization! On the other hand, employers who have implemented automated absence management systems would have all employee leaves – both paid leaves and leaves without pay tracked accurately. Such systems when integrated with payroll engines can improve payroll accuracy, making pay-days a delight to the employees.

In a nutshell, a tech-fueled absence management system would not only be a ‘go-to’ solution for all absence management requirements of organizations but will also play a strategic role in improving their overall productivity.

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